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Guns of Boom Season Two is bigger and better in every sense: more players from different countries participate, the prize fund increased greatly, and a new structure was created. This year, Game Insight and ESL have developed a system of three consecutive series. By winning one, the team moves to the next: 

  • Challenger Series (online tournaments)

  • Pro Series (offline studio events)

  • Gods of Boom (stadium-level events)

Challenger Series

This is the entry point, with weekly online tournaments for teams around the world. If your team does well in these games, you score points and win cash prizes. The Challenger Series is divided into stages that lead up to the next Pro Series event. There are Winter, Spring and Summer Challengers. At the end of each stage, the top teams advance to the next stage — Pro Series. At the end of a stage, all qualifier points are reset, so every stage of the Challenger Series starts off with a clean slate.

Pro Series

These are offline esports tournaments featuring the top teams, taking place at different venues around the world. There is serious prize pool money at these events, and a team can make a name for themselves, forever marking their place in esports history. What’s most important though, is that winners of the Pro Series get to advance to the top tournaments — Gods of Boom.

Gods of Boom

The best of the best are gathered here. These guys aren’t just sharpshooters and skilled fighters, they’re all very experienced team players who know how to play tactically as a unit. Every team on this level is nothing short of a Guns of Boom legend. These tournaments are played in huge arenas with crowds of fans cheering from their seats. The winners take home big money, trophies, and the title of champion.

Grab your friends and play - register here.

First mid-season league structure:

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